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Quite simply, your business relies day-in and day-out on your computers and other technologies. A failure in any of these systems can cause you to miss deadlines, be unable to run your office, cause inconvenience, stress and even cause you to lose customers. Mayrand Computer Services offers this agreement to help ease your concerns and have the help you need to stay running and productive as quickly as possible.
Definitions & Terms:
Hours of availability:
Services are offered Monday Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

If you need service outside of these hours, the per-hour rate is $150 with minimum of two hours required. Agreement hours cannot be used for after-hours service.

Service Hours Purchasing:
This agreement is based on pre-purchased blocks of time. The minimum amount of time that needs to be purchased is 10 hours. If you would like to purchase more time, it can be done in 5-hour blocks at a discounted rate. After pre-purchased blocks have been used, additional time may be purchased in 5-hour blocks at the $120 rate.

Block Hours Pricing:
Service hours with 36-hour business day on-site service response are priced and discounted as follows:

10 Hour Block  $130.00 per hour  $1300.00 Non Discounted
15 Hour Block $120.00 per hour $1800.00 Discounted
20 Hour Block  $110.00 per Hour $2200.00  Discounted

If you should use up your time in the middle of a service call, the extra time will be billed at the non-discounted rate.

Service Coverage:
This agreement covers the time needed to diagnose and repair hardware, software, networks and other IT-related equipment.

Replacement Parts:
Replacement parts will be provided on a best-effort basis.  Some replacement parts may be refurbished (common in the industry).

Service Requests:
A request for service should be made via telephone to 603-817-7572.

Service Response:
This agreement provides on-site service response within 36 hours during the hours of availability. Response to telephone inquiries should be within 4 hours, again during the hours of availability.

Calculation of Used Hours:
On-site service hours are calculated from the point a service person arrives at the customer site through completion of the service visit in half-hour increments.

There is a one-hour minimum for any on-site service visits.

Calculation of Travel Time:
Travel time is calculated at one-half service time. This means that each hour of pre-paid service time is worth two hours of travel time.  The time is calculated from point-to-point and is round trip. Travel time will be subtracted from the block of prepaid service time.

Warranty Repairs:
Mayrand Computers Service can perform warranty repairs. Apple's warranty onluy covers parts and installation labor, it does not cover travel time or on-site time.

Service Agreement Interval:
Pre-purchased time is valid for one year. Unused time cannot be carried over to the next year. The one-year period starts on the date the agreement is signed.

Terminating Agreement:
This agreement can be cancelled. Canceling the Agreement must be in writing. Any remaining hours will be credited back at one-half their purchased value.


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