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Q. What is your fee schedule?
A. Fees are as follows:

  • On-Site Time: $110/hr. One Hour Minimum.
  • Travel Time: $50/hr. One Hour Minimum.
  • Telephone Support: $20/15 Minutes ($80/hr.). Some quick calls, and calls to setup an on-site visit are not charged for.
  • E-Mail Support: E-mail questions are generally answered free of charge.

Q. Do you offer Retainer Contracts or Specialized Service Contracts?
A. Yes, these are created as required and can be customized to the client's individual needs.
Q. What are the hours you offer service?
A. Our services are offered Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Q. Do you offer after-hours rates?
A. Yes. For service needed outside of the above hours, the rate is $150/hr. with a two-hour minimum. Travel time does not change from $50/hr.
Q. How do I schedule an on-site visit?
A. You can call or to setup an appointment. See contact information above.
Q. If I need hardware or software, can I buy them from you?
A. Yes.  We have many different companies we can acquire hardware and software from. The flexibility of this arrangement is that we can shop for the best price for you, and even gain access to higher-end items that are not easily sourced.
Q. Do you offer discounted rates to companies that would like to use you as a sub-contractor?
A. Absolutely! These are arranged with each contractor as needed.
Q. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, can you perform Warranty Repairs?
A. Yes. We can help with both in and out-of warranty repairs.
Q. If I need an immediate on-site service, can I have it?
A. If you have a Retainer Contract with us, the terms will be a part of the contract, but most are written such that you get us at your location within 24 hours or less.  If our schedule is open, we'll give you the first open date, otherwise, we'll schedule you ASAP.
Q. I have a very important question for you, and I need an answer regardless of the cost. Can I call you and talk with you?
A. Yes, though there may be a charge for the call as per the fee schedule above. If you do get voice-mail, leave a message as we are probably just out of cellular range. Our phones are equipped to tell our service technicians that a call was missed.
Q. You fixed my machine, and a few days later, it does not work. Will you repair it the second time for no charge?
A. Please keep in mind that computers are very complex machines and the interaction of hardware and software can cause many similar but different issues. A correctly repaired machine may still have other issues that have been masked by the first issue. We test each machine before we leave to ensure it is running correctly, and will only leave when you are satisfied.


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